Secure Certificate Templates

The Resource Vault offer design and print features which will protect your certificates against fraud and assist with compliance. We offer custom designed and printed certificates in a variety of print stock with foiling, embossing and anti-copy security paper designs.

Custom Designed Foil and/or Embossing

The Resource Vault’s graphic design studio can design a customised template for your RTO with embedded foil and, or embossed features that can be designed and printed to any shape or size.

Foiling is a specialised technique where a thin film of metallic foil is impressed onto the certificate using a die (or stamp) designed in the shape or form of a design, decoration, pattern or logo. Most common foils are silver and gold. When photocopied, the foil shows as black, not metallic, and it cannot be removed from the certificate.

Embossing is creating an impression or imprint on the certificate in the shape or form of a design, decoration, pattern or logo. It raises the surface of the certificate, creating an elegant, professional look and feel. It cannot be removed and does not show on photocopies.

Anti-copy Security Paper

The anti-copy security paper is available in a variety of print stocks and are digital and offset print friendly. Should you be looking for off the shelf, unbranded stock, we offer the paper in a 94gsm, 160gsm and 240gsm paper stock options in reams of 500. Otherwise, we can offer a variety of design and finishing options that incorporate the anti-copy design in a way that suits.

Features include:

Copy preventative background
A hidden message (COPY) appears on the copied or scanned certificate.

Heat sensitive red thermochromic icon
This small icon is sensitive to temperature change and will disappear when the heat from your breath or finger is applied and reappear once cooled.

Solvent reactive ink
The watermarked background smudges when touched by acid bases, bleaches or solvents.

Security warning band
Lists the security features incorporated into the document.

Microtext security line
This is micro text printed around the thermochromic icon that can only be read through a magnifying glass.

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